Every Cat Needs A Friend

7 Dec

Every Cat Needs A Friend

Cats Toys

Cats toys are simple things
A paper ball or a piece of string,
The draft excluders that look like snakes
Some imagination is all it takes.

That cushion that moved
Oh, it must be killed if not disproved,
Yarn that hangs from crochet hooks
Soap bubbles and pages turned in books.

A spider running across the floor
Reflections on the wall or door
Everything within reach of a paw.

Shoe laces that really should be untied
Imaginary mice that are often spied
Making puss cats really wide eyed,
Paper bags and cardboard boxes
Let cats invent their own Fort Knoxes
Each safe to dream of chasing foxes.

To pounce and chase is such great fun
Happiness is in a madcap run
In climbing trees and snoozing in the sun,
Necklaces dangled, their paws to tease
Giving chase to leaves blown in the breeze
Such simple things a cat will please.

Jackie S Brooks (c)


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